Cami-Lou Jewellery Designs is a contemporary, sustainably made jewellery brand that uses precious metals, semi-precious and precious gemstones. 

From a young age I have been creative, as I grew up making jewellery became a passion. After my daughter was born I knew it was the right time to set up my business and started Cami-Lou Jewellery Designs.

As you can see, I love adding texture to my pieces, giving them more detail and making them more individual and interesting. I also love to work with semi-precious and precious gemstone beads, they really lift a piece and who doesn't love a pop of colour! 

My jewellery making journey started professionally when I was 17 and worked in a shop that sold jewellery making supplies, eventually teaching jewellery making workshops to people of all ages. I then went to work and train with a local jeweller, this was were my interest in precious metals began. I love the way they can be worked to create stunning pieces that can be treasured forever and passed down to loved ones. To me pieces of jewellery tell a story and everyone's is personal and unique as it should be. Adding lots of different textures to my designs means that no two pieces will ever be the same as they are all textured by hand. Working with natural gemstones and incorporating them into work is also a lovely way to ensure every piece is different. No two gemstones are the same, they will have a slightly different shape, colour, and texture.

I also believe jewellery should be comfortable to wear, so each piece is designed with this in mind.  

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